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Tap into Tapestry


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Tap Into Tapestry is a 2 day course.


You will create a woven wall hanging using new and interesting tapestry weaving techniques including: tabby, pick and pick, hatching, rya knots, soumak, shapes, fleece clustering, colour blending, outlining. 


Yarns, frame looms and equipment will be provided.

However, you are more than welcome to bring any yarns,

fibres, fleece or textures of particular interest to you.

Tea, coffee, pastries and refreshments are provided

each day. Please bring your own lunch for the two days we will be weaving. A fridge and a microwave are available. We also have an excellent farm shop half a mile away with some delicious snacks available.

Cost of the course is £190.00. Spaces are limited so please book in advance to reserve a place.


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